Frequently Asked Questions

(SSHOG) #3443 | Olympia, Washington

Family is a word familiar to all of us.  It’s also a common word spoken by the members of South Sound H.O.G. Chapter.

The vast majority of us never knew one another until we bought a Harley-Davidson and joined the chapter.  That’s when the friendships began.  For all its Ride and Have Fun. For some it’s getting involved and volunteer while Riding and Having Fun.  No matter your preference, you belong and we welcome you.


So what’s the pay back?

  • Meet others that own and ride a Harley-Davidson.
  • Share riding adventures with people from all walks of life.
  • Find some of the best roads and go riding with your new friends.
  • Smile and laugh a lot.
  • Plain and simple….it’s a blast!

Our events:

  • Monthly HOG Call meeting where we socialize and discuss rides.
  • A calendar filled with rides of various lengths and themes (everyone and anyone is encouraged to plan a ride with the assistance of our Road Captains.)
  • Overnight rides to all parts of the Great Northwest.
  • Annual Chapter Holiday Party, Spring Opener, summer family picnic and fall Chili cook-off, plus much more.

What’s my annual cost?

If you purchase a never before registered bike from Northwest Harley Davidson, one year of both National and Local Membership is provided, compliments of NW Harley Davidson. If you already have membership, they will be extended for an additional year. 

$20.00 - All memberships are Full on the local level. (Associates only purchased on the Nat’l level for non-bike owners attached to a Full member) 

You may contact our Membership Officer at

You must be a National HOG member in order to join a local chapter. You can register by going to (processing online is your quickest way to obtain) and following the prompts to Membership.  If the bike you purchased has been previously registered so you will have to purchase National Membership, you do not have to wait to receive your new Membership packet prior to submitting a SSHOG local application.  The SSHOG Membership Officer reviews the National Memberships on their site and will assign you a temporary local member number to be replaced with your National number when it appears on the National Site (we use the same number).

South Sound Harley Owners Group Chapter Meeting Location:

Always the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

We encourage you to come early for a good spot to sit, mingle, have a cup of coffee and a donut. A ride will usually be scheduled for after the meeting.

Northwest Harley Davidson | 8000 Freedom LN, Lacey, WA 98516


Traveling I-5N:

Take the WA-510E/Marvin Rd South exit, Exit 111, toward Yelm (right exit when road splits towards Harley Dealer and Walmart).

Enter roundabout, going past first and second exit to the third (RAM Restaurant ahead). Turn left at stop sign. Destination ahead.

Traveling I-5S:

Take the WA-510 exit, Exit 111, towards Marvin Rd.

Turn left onto Marvin Rd NE/WA-510

Turn right at Quinault Dr NE and go to roundabout, taking first exit (Ram Restaurant ahead). Turn left at stop sign. Destination ahead.


Meeting is held on second floor behind motor clothes department.  Ask associate for direction.     


What is a HOG chapter?

Simply stated, it’s a social club that revolves around owning and riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  HOG chapters hold a variety of monthly events.  These consist of a general membership meeting and many different ride types.  The events are for the membership and all riding styles are considered.  HOG chapters are international with over a million members worldwide.  Each and every HOG chapter is sponsored by a Harley-Davidson dealership.  The South Sound Chapter is sponsored by Northwest Harley Davidson of Lacey, Washington.  You must be a current member of the National HOG organization in order to join or remain a member of any chapter.  However, you may belong to as many chapters as you wish.


 What type of rides does the South Sound Chapter offer?

First of all…SAFE RIDES!  Because we have many different likes and riding styles, we cater to everyone.  We have chapter rides that consist of short afternoon rides, to a ride that will go all day, with a stop for breaks and a meal along the way.  We always inform our members of what the particular ride will entail.  We also hold a number of overnight events (usually one monthly, dependent on time of year) that can range anywhere from one up to as many as 3 nights (but we are always open to suggestion) and to all parts of the great Northwest. 

Do I have to attend a certain number of meetings to maintain membership?

Absolutely not.  Chapter involvement is up to you.  Some of our members have other obligations that prevent them from regularly attending our monthly meeting.  They participate in rides and other chapter functions when they can.


What if I am a new rider or inexperienced?

Welcome to the club.  We all remember slipping on brand new Harley riding boots for the first time.  This is why we inform you of what to expect in advance.  It would be very unfair of us to lead you on a long ride with many miles of twists and turns when you are not yet ready to do so.  We suggest you practice first and get some miles under you.  If you are a new rider, this is where those shorter distance rides come into play.  These will get you comfortable with yourself, the group and your bike in no time.  They give you an opportunity to learn your bike’s characteristics and understand your limitations.  You will both become one very soon.  People in the chapter really care about you and they also remember their first H-D ride and that initial anxiety feeling.  So you are not alone…you’re just one of us.


What is a Road Captain?

These are experienced riders within the chapter that devote their time to making you feel safe and welcome.  They lead the group rides and have countless hours of training in classroom and on the range.  We have a list of requirements for these men and women.  Many have taken Advanced Rider Training courses and are CPR and First-Aid Trained.  If you want to become a Road Captain yourself:  No problem! Training and/or courses are offered each year.  And they were all once a new member themselves-just like you.


Road Captain’s monthly meeting is held the 2ndh Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., at Hawks Prairie Inn Restaurant.  This meeting is located in the back, right section of the restaurant. Enter thru the main entrance, turn right and walk thru restaurant to the back. Any employee can direct you to the location.


What is LOH?

LOH stands for LADIES OF HARLEY.  Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., in the back section of Hawks Prairie Inn Restaurant. We encourage every lady in South Sound Harley Owners Group to participate when able.  There are no requirements; if you are a full or associate member of SSHOG, you are a member of LOH. If you want to get together with the Ladies in our club to plan some of our events; such as bake/craft /food sales we hold to raise money for the chapter, or chat (of course we love to do that), eat and just enjoy our time together,  come check us out.  We also are in charge of full planning of our Spring Opener, Summer Family Picnic, Fall Chili Cook Off, Chapter Holiday Party and Christmas toy delivery to Foster Family organization.


How do I keep informed of the SSHOG events?

It’s an electronic world we live in.  All of the information provided at enrollment is protected and we do not share your email or sell it to anyone.  All chapter event emails will arrive blind copy. 

****We publish a newsletter bi-monthly, which will include events for the upcoming period as well as information from each SSHOG Officer.  

****We also have a fantastic website.  It is located at  It is full of great information, including a full year calendar of events, which we consider to be a living breathing calendar that will and can be updated regularly if rides are added/canceled/changed.  You are encouraged to check the website frequently, especially before a ride, because short notice postings will be added to the home page or the calendar if a ride needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather, etc.  

SSHOG has an area to the right of the front door to NWHD with includes a monthly calendar that is regularly updated as well as other chapter information.

****Finally, we have the ever popular Facebook page:  South Sound HOG


Where do the rides begin and when are they held?

Almost every chapter ride starts at Northwest Harley Davidson unless otherwise noted and usually on Saturday and/or Sunday most commonly.  Starting times will vary depending on the actual ride length.  Typically rides leave at 10:00 a.m. (better weather hours) and Noon (winter weather), but be sure to check the club calendar, hotline or weekly email for current information.  We suggest you arrive at least a half hour to 45 minutes early for sign-in and general pre-ride information.